We Are Elevate Certified Roofing Contractors

Elevate is Built on 40 years of history – proof that a commitment to the highest quality materials and trusted partnerships withstand the test of time.


While our focus continues to be on smart, safe and sustainable solutions for our customers, there’s so much more on the horizon.

We’re raising our sights and are ready to help you achieve whatever you can imagine – the sky’s the limit

Elevate products can deliver on any customized solutions.


D Project Inc. stands behind Elevate  roofing products, you can count on consistency and the highest quality the industry has to offer.

Certifications & Awards
  • Licensed Asphalt Roofing Effective
  • Licensed EPDM Roofing Effective
  • Licensed Metal Roofing Effective 
  • Licensed Thermoplastic Roofing Effective
  • Licensed Metal Roof Coating Effective
  • Licensed Garden Roof Effective
  • Licensed Daylighting Effective
  • Licensed SkyPavers Effective
D Project Inc.


D Project Inc.


A roofer, roof mechanic, or roofing contractor is a tradesperson who specializes in roof construction. Roofers replace, repair, and install the roofs of buildings, using a variety of materials, including shingles, bitumen, and metal.
D Project Inc.


This service involves removing dirt, debris, and other buildups from your roof. Depending on your roof type, the cleaning may involve a power wash, soft washing, or another method to remove debris and buildup. Is this necessary? Honestly, yes. Especially in a state like Maryland with harsh winters
D Project Inc.


Roof replacement involves removing all the old shingles and felt paper or moisture barrier and replacing them with brand new materials. It might also involve repairing or replacing the deck or any other damage that’s revealed when removing the old roof.